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Eating Thoughtfully Part 2: ‘To till and to tend’ with Caroline Pomeroy

August 13, 2019

This is the second episode in our new, four-part podcast series 'Eating Thoughtfully'.

Eating is never a solitary act; each meal connects us to a food chain, precious resources, human labour and a global ecology. Given the growing environmental impacts and social consequences of today’s agricultural practices, urgent action is needed. In this podcast series, we outline some biblical principles regarding food and propose a framework for thoughtful eating – so that we can learn to eat joyfully, relationally and sustainably.

In this episode, Hannah Eves, Katherine Martin and Andrew Phillips (authors of the new book 'Thoughtful Eating') explore agriculture and the environment, drawing attention to some of the current environmental and social impacts of global food systems. We were also pleased to welcome Caroline Pomeroy, Director of Climate Stewards, to discuss farming, the environment and how churches can respond.

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